Materials Testing Laboratory (MTL) – Geotechnical Services & Axle Load Surveys

Associated Consultancy Services (Pvt) Ltd., has a fully owned subsidiary –  Materials Testing Laboratory (MTL), for providing materials and geo-technical investigations, quality control and quality assurance services on projects.  The laboratory is equipped for in-house and commercial testing of soils, asphalt and concrete. MTL provides a variety of conventional and specialised materials testing under the supervision of experienced material engineers and laboratory technicians.  Services include testing of:

  • Asphalt and Job Mix Formulae
  • Aggregates
  • Concrete
  • Soils
  • Water Quality
  • Geotechnical Investigations for bridges and structures
  • Axle Load Measuring Equipment
Laboratory Equipment

Associated Consultancy Centre (Pvt) Ltd has a fully equipped material testing laboratory located at its head office premises to perform tests.In addition project site laboratories are available to assess the engineering properties of construction materials.

Head Office – Highway Materials Testing Lab

By way of illustration but not limitation, our laboratories are provided with the following sets of equipment and apparatus. The equipment is of specified make and model (Soil Test or equivalent) and of international standards.

  • Automatic Marshall compactors, ASTM, ASTM D1559 | AASHTO T245 | ASTM D6926
  • CBR Motorized Loading Press, ASTM D1883 | BS 1377:4 | NF P94-078 | AASHTO T193 | EN 13286-47 | UNI 10009
  • Ductility Testing Machine (ASTM T51)
  • Standard Penetrometer with thermostatically controlled water bath (ASTM T49)
  • Saybolt Viscometer (ASTM T72)
  • Softening Point Apparatus (ASTM T53)
  • Flash and Fire Point Apparatus (ASTM T48)
  • Thin Film Oven (ASTM 179)
  • Asphalt Content Analyser (Ignition)
  • Troxler Nuclear Density Gauge,
  • CBR and Marshall Universal Testing Frames,
  • Los Angeles Abrasion machine
  • Shear Testing machine
  • Water Quality Analyzers –TDS,PH, SO4, Cl
  • Benkleman Beam apparatus
  • Liquid Limit Test Set
  • Plastic Limit Test Set
  • Sand Equivalent Test Set
  • Specific Gravity and Absorption Set (Fine Aggregates)
  • Specific Gravity and Absorption Set (Coarse Aggregates)
  • Hydrometer Analysis Set with Spare Hydrometers
  • Coarse Sieves, 18″ dia (assorted)
  • Fine Sieves, 18″ dia (assorted)
  • Coarse Sieves, 8″ dia (assorted)
  • Fine Sieves, 8″ dia (assorted)
  • Wet Washing No.200, Pan, Cover,
  • Miscellaneous Sieve Analysis Accessories
  • Fine Sieve Brush, Wire Sieve Brush, Soil Mortar, Soil Pestle, Mixing Pans, Mixing Bowls, Sample Splitter, Sieve Shaker for 8″Sieve
  • Schmidt Hammer
  • Modified Compaction Hammer, Accessories, Straight edge, Scoop, Mixing Spoons, Sample Ejector
  • CBR Laboratory Set, Additional CBR Mold, Filter Screens, Swell Plates, Surcharge Weights, Tripod Attachment, Dial Indicator
  • Sand Density Cone, 6″, Density Plate, Chisels, Rubber Mallets, Sampling Spoons, Field Cans
  • Equipment for measuring, Specific Gravity of Bituminous Materials
Field Laboratory Equipments

In addition to Head Office Laboratory , project site laboratories are available to assess the engineering properties of construction materials.

  • Marshall Test Set, Extra Compaction Molds, Spare Compaction Hammer
  • Bitumen Extractor, Filter Discs
  • Portable Core Drilling, Machine, Extension Shaft, Strap Wrench, Thin Wall Drill Bits 4″, Core Size, Expanding Adapter
  • Slump Test Set
  • Heavy Duty Concrete, Cylinder Moulds
  • Vertical Capping Set, Additional Capping, compound.
  • Basic Concrete Tester
  • Single-Wall Utility Laboratory Ovens
  • Hot Plate, Vacuum Pump, Laboratory Mixer, Desiccators, Thermometers General Purpose 0o to 150oC, Dial Type 0o to 250oC, Mixing Bowls, Mixing Pans Assorted Sizes, Beakers 20 ml to 400 ml, Erlenmeyer Flask 1 liter, Evaporating Dish 120 ml, G-50 250 ml, Asbestos Gloves, Stop Watch
  • Triple Beam Balances (2610 Kg)
  • Triple Beam Balances, (.01 gram)
  • Heavy Duty Balances (20Kg), Heavy Duty Balances (5 Kg)

Portable Dynamic Axle Loads Measuring  Equipment

Axle load surveys provide invaluable and essential information that are required for cost effective pavement design and preservation of the existing roads.

ACC has their own SAW III–Portable Dynamic Weighing Scale equipment to undertake Axle Load Surveys.  Applications and advantages of the system are:


  • Dynamic measurement for overload indication
  • Dual-scale system configuration with computer-based processing for reporting, protocol printing and data archiving


  • Both for static & dynamic weighing operation
  • Pre-selection of overloaded trucks
  • High vehicle throughput
  • High accuracy
  • Very efficient weight enforcement