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Highway & Materials Testing Laboratory - HMTL

“Reliance in Quality Assurance - Since 1986”  

Associated Consultancy Centers’ HMTL provides the latest testing facilities for Materials and Geo Technical investigations, Quality Control and Quality Assurance of Highway and other Civil Engineering Projects. 

HMTL provides full support for design of highways, pavement evaluation studies, structures, water quality, and soil surveys.

bulletSpecialized and Investigative Testing

            Non Destructive Testing, RE-BAR Location, NDG

bulletSoils & Aggregates (Gradation, Classification, Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit, Specific Gravity, CBR, Sand Density, DCP, hydrometer, Sulphate soundness, LA Abrasion)

            ASTM T27, T84, T 85, T88, T89, T90, T96, T100, T104, T176, T180, T191, T193

bulletWater Quality

            BOD, Total Dissolved Solids, Chlorides and Sulphates

bulletConcrete (Cylinder and cube crushing strength, slump, NDT, Concrete Mix Design)

            ASTM T22, T23, T119, T230, Schmidt Hammer

bulletAsphalts (JMF - Marshall, penetration, flash point, viscosity, temperature, ductility etc.)

            ASTM T48, T49, T72, T228, T245

bulletBridge Sites/Foundation of Structures

            Foundation Analysis, Augering, Open Pit Investigations, SPT

Our Laboratories have been providing services since 1986 on many major projects funded by the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank and other international agencies. All tests are carried out as per ASTM/AASHTO Specifications.



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